Saturday, June 18, 2011

Popcorn, movie, and a play

We've had two big outings this month.

First, we went to see VeggieTales: The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything at the Cinemark Summer Movie.  Tickets were only $1!   I splurged on the biggest popcorn and shared it with our neighbors, who had also come.  The girls shared a seat for most of the movie.  Charlotte would fidget though, and the seat would threaten to fold them up.

We had lots of other friends attending the movie too, but they ended up showing it in multiple theatres so we missed a few of them.

Then, the following week, we went to our local community college to see Cinderella.  They had worked the plot in such a way that they were able to have the audience (full of kids) participate.  The fairy godmother let us help count down the magic spell, then Cinderella fled the ball right in front of our seats, and finally, some of the kids got to try on the glass slipper.  The girls have actually been playing dress-up with a shoe on a pillow since the play.

We took the girls from across the street with us and our other friends, the twins, sat behind us.  It was fun to share it with friends.  We also got to see Addison and Ryan on our way out.