Saturday, June 18, 2011

Garage Picasso

Charlotte had asked to paint this week, so I thought we'd try something a little different on Friday.  We were going pretty early so it wasn't too hot outside yet.

I hung some packing papers (my four year old stash from our move to Houston) with painters tape to the garage and filled an old muffin tin with paints.  (It's good to practice things like painting on a verticle surface as well as horizontally on a table.)

Caroline painted a picture frame with a blue bird inside.

I added a third sheet and Charlotte painted a "C" on it.  At first, I thought she was doing a circle, but she stopped just in time and exclaimed "C."  And she did two more attempts.  Who knew she could write a letter!

Mommy wrote a bunch of letters on the fourth page for Charlotte to identify and then Caroline painted the final "Z."  Caroline also added "There once" on her painting... as in "there once was a blue bird."

We ended the morning with Caroline hanging from a tree.  A new skill she has learned from her friend, Celeste.