Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Zoo in the little red wagon

Just when we thought we were settled in for a long hot summer, a cold front came through. So, we decided Monday to have a Tuesday morning trip to the zoo. We were having a park playdate with our new neighbors and invited them along since they hadn't checked out the Houston Zoo yet.

So, we packed up the kids and an extra car seat in the van on Tuesday morning, and off we went.

It's so fun to have a grownup to chat with during the drive into downtown Houston. We brought my neighbor's wagon since it had a sun shade, but since it was so cool, we ended up not using it. All three girls took turns in and out of the wagon.

Caroline and I had talked about the carousel prior to leaving for the zoo and we had settled that she would ride, but on an animal that goes up and down. Lately, she's just been waiting with one of my friends while I ride with Charlotte, but since it was a small group, I didn't want that to be an option.

She did great and told me that she wanted to ride on one that goes up and down when she gets bigger. The carousel ended up being her favorite part of the zoo.

And of course, we pet the goats. How many pictures must I have of the girls petting goats? I don't know why I'm so addicted.

It was a fun day and I'm glad we are getting to be friends with our new neighbor. Their daughter is 3 months younger than Charlotte, so it looks like Charlotte will finally have her own neighborhood friend. Sometimes I think about the days that are coming when the girls will be big enough to hop on their bike and head to a friend's house. It's still many years off, but I remember that I used to ride to my friend Allison's house up the hill to play when I was little. I'm sure the day will come for my girls to do the same.