Monday, May 23, 2011

Water darlings

We took the girls to our neighborhood pool this weekend and now I'm really looking forward to swimming with the girls this summer.

Last summer, any outing to the big pool ended up with me, with one girl on each hip. Not that much fun for mommy.

A couple weeks ago, we swam at a friend's house and I had a long talk with Caroline about her being a big girl this year and swimming with her floaties. She did great that evening, swimming independently, and was even jumping in the pool by the end of the night. I probably helped that only daddy was in the pool.

Well, when we went to the pool this weekend, we took an innertube for both girls and Caroline also had water wings. Charlotte was walking down the stairs with her tube and, under close supervision, stepped right off into a floating position. She floated around the pool the rest of the outing. We eventually put the water wings on Charlotte because I didn't want her to slip right out of the tube.

Charlotte really seems to have the hang of the water. She always was such a water baby. Now, if I can just get around to signing Caroline up for swim lessons.

Here's some pictures from the backyard pool a few weeks ago.