Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer fun

God has really blessed us with a closer relationship with our neighbors across the street.   They've been so kind to share some of their homeschooling information with us and this week, they gave the girls their old Loving Family Dollhouse.   It's also been really fun for me to have a mom to talk to during the day.  We both find ourselves wandering outside if the other is out with the kids.

The dollhouse has been hours of fun for the girls.  My favorite thing is the table with legs that flip so you can use either side which are decorated for a birthday party or pizza night.

I thought our bulletin board would end up being empty all summer, but the girls quickly filled it again.  Our do-a-dot markers continue to be a big hit.  We colored a 100 dot picture on this day.  Caroline decided all on her own to create a different color pattern on each line of dots.  And I'm still impressed with how accurate Charlotte is when it comes to stamping inside the dotted lines.

Caroline seems to be hungry all the time these days.  I'm not sure if she's having a huge growth spurt or if she's discovered that saying she's "hungry" is a way to get away with whining. 

I have my moments when a "creative correction" idea pops into my head, so one day when she was particularly whiney with her requests, I wrote out every piece of food she'd eaten that day and made her illustrate the list so she could be thankful before she asked for anything else.  That's the picture in the lower left.