Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's day/Charlotte's dedication

We celebrated Mother's Day by dedicating Charlotte at our church.

We didn't intend for her to be two years old before we dedicated her, but it just worked out that way. She'd been a little under the weather, so she held her bunny the entire time and even had her pacifier at one point to stay quiet on stage.

Kevin was leading worship this Sunday, so he has a microphone taped to his face in our picture.

Kevin followed my directions to make us a frittata for dinner while I supervised from the counter. Charlotte and Caroline kept themselves entertained with books.

I was very practical for my gift this year. Originally, I 'd asked for Kevin to plant rose bushes in our back corner flowerbed, but then I decided that I'd much rather have sod put by the patio so dirt wouldn't get tracked in the house all the time. And a clean house, makes me REALLY happy : )