Friday, April 15, 2011

Home Preschool - Week 13 - Letter X

Letter of the Week: April 11-15
Letter of the Week: X
Verse: 1 Corinthians 11:1 "I follow the example of Christ."
Bible Story: 20 Bible Verses Every Kid Should Know "Follow Jesus' Example"
Circle Time Rhyme: My God is a Good God from
Circle Time Song: Lord I Lift Your Name on High
Monday: Letter Activity - Do-a-dot and Color by number Xylophone from
Caroline: AM: HWT PM:Work on "words that have the letter" charts
Tuesday: Hooked on Phonics - Letter X Cut & Paste
Caroline : AM: HOP: Orange CD 1:11-12 (SM, SN, review) PM: Handwriting practice - Charlotte's name
HOP expansion (optional) Scanned review page for track 12 and will circle different starting phonograms in different colors.
Wednesday: BSF -
Thursday: Math, Science, etc. - Mr. Bones puzzle from
Caroline: AM: Counting by 10's from PM: Number handwriting
Friday: Arts and Crafts -
Caroline: Bible Verse tracing
Baskets: 1 - Body puzzle
Baskets: 2 - Geoboards
Baskets: 3 - Flower sorting
Baskets: 4 - Alphabuilders (I made from fun foam)

I sometimes forget that we have these Geoboards. We used them to practice making the letter X. The girls used them to make spider webs.

In addition to focusing on handwriting more recently, I also have a goal of working up to counting to 100 with Caroline. So, I made a few activities and laminated them (love my new laminator).

The first one, she colors in each set of ten raindrops with a dry erase marker and then we tape the correct tens count square on top. Caroline enjoys switching colors in between each set.
The other is a Hundreds chart that we count beans onto.

I was really impressed that Caroline wasn't overwhelmed with either task. Personally, I wouldn't want to count out 100 beans, but she thought it was a blast. She's used both activities several times.

I'd also laminated some x-ray images to play with, but they didn't get much use. Maybe next year when we study the body.