Sunday, February 27, 2011

Moving on

As I said in my post about Charlotte's birthday, we were helping my brother move this weekend.

I'm so happy to say, that my brother is in love and engaged to a sweet girl. They are getting married in a few months, and my brother just bought a house. Here's a picture of the happy couple after a long day of moving. They still look glowing, don't they : )

We got into town on Friday night and Will had moved beds and a few things to the new house so we could spend the night there. After Will and my dad did a quick run to get some stuff from the duplex, we decided to go back to spend a few hours packing while Will and Kevin put all the kids to bed. Mom, Dad, and I got a lot done in just a few hours on Friday night. You see, the thing about the three of us is that Acts of Service is our love language.

Kevin and I read the 5 Love Languages book in the past year, and I hope people don't get sick of me talking about it. Its just so enlightening to see and understand the languages that the people around you speak.

I remember on Saturday morning, as mom and I were wiping out cabinets and Cece telling us that we didn't need to do that, and I just pulled her aside and explained that we are compelled to help them in this way. We just can't help ourselves.

The guys did most of the moving on Saturday while the girls unpacked. The best part was that the cousins just entertained each other all day. It's amazing how having the cousins around made it feel like I had the weekend off. Here are the fabulous five having pretzels for snack.

There's still time to partry even during a busy day.
And of course, every party needs dancing even if it's Wii Just Dance for Kids.

And then there was day two, with more moving and unpacking. I unpacked most of the two kid rooms. I really enjoyed going through all the toys and books. I love to sort stuff and had a blast making categories for all the boxes and baskets (dress up shoes, dress up clothes, toy food, dinosaurs, toy cars, etc.). I did let Jenna and Caroline unpack the dollhouse ; )

The kids had lots of fun playing outside too. I know that Jenna and Brent will enjoy having a yard when they go to daddy's house now. Brent was digging with toy trucks by the back tree for an hour.


Carrie S. said...

I'm so happy for Will. Tell him Congrats for me! I also love having the cousins around. We usually don't hear a peep from them in the playroom!