Sunday, February 6, 2011

Home Preschool Week 5a - John 3:16

Since I was in charge of a big Family Missions dinner/potluck at church on Saturday, I didn't have a lot of lesson plans for the week. We just focused on John 3:16 and did a couple related projects. My favorite was that the girls painted the world on one day (the trick is to only provide blue and green paint) and then we traced their arms and cut them out to embrace the earth.

The girls enjoyed playing with a tic-tac-toe game that Caroline got in her Christmas stocking. It's pretty foolproof to just let Charlotte drop her pieces into a spot on her turn. She doesn't have a strategy or know who is winning, but it gets the job done of the girls playing together.

Kevin always calls me when he leaves the office to come home from work. I often let Caroline answer the phone, since I'm sure it will be him. She's usually so excited about talking that she is a little difficult to understand. I tend to repeat everything she says when it's my turn to talk to daddy.