Sunday, January 16, 2011

Home Preschool - Week 2 (F)

Isn't it horrible, that I try to simplify and then I go make things all complicated. I've really been wanting to do a Fruit of the Spirit unit with the girls, and now that we are on letter F, that's exactly what I want to do. But, that isn't the Bible verse in our book or my websites. So, I did put more time into finding resources for our own Fruit of the Spirit unit.

Jan 10-14
Letter of the Week: F
Verse: Galations 5:22-23 "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such there is no law."
Bible Story: Fruit of the spirit explanation from
Circle Time Rhyme: Two Feet song:
Circle Time Song: Fruit of the spirit
Monday: Letter Activity - Fruit of the spirit mini-book:
Caroline: HWT
Charlotte: Letter F coloring page
Tuesday: Hooked on Phonics - Playing with Runts candy (sorting, putting in gum canister, patterns)
Caroline : Kindergarten Yellow 2:55 ("eg") and 2:56 ("el")
Charlotte: Basket
HOP expansion (optional)
Wednesday: BSF - Fruit of the spirit foam stickers
Thursday: Math, Science, etc. - Cut & Paste Letter F page
Ainsley Courte
Friday: Arts and Crafts - Caroline: Fingerpainting
Cut & Paste bible verse
Baskets: 1 - Play fruit
Baskets: 2 - Fuzzies
Baskets: 3 - Flower sorting
Baskets: 4 - Letter F items

The girls colored a Fruit of the Spirit mini-book, with colored pencils - yay, big fun! Caroline likes to pick out this really short set of five pencils that came with a craft and use only those. Charlotte thinks that the colored end on another set are marker caps and keeps wanting to pull them off. They both enjoy getting to use something other than crayons.

Sorted fruit from vegetables with our counting produce. And Charlotte has her tub of fuzzies.

We also used some Fruit of the Spirit foam stickers that I got at Hobby Lobby during their VBS craft sale this past summer. We made "baskets" for all of our friends at Ainsley Courte.

You can see our cut and paste F worksheet on the bulletin board in the background. This is an example of how I'm making them parrallel but age appropriate activities. Charlotte's has the letter "F f" on it, while Caroline's has F's and f's that I typed out with our LD Trainer font so she has to trace them. For Charlotte, I precut all the pictures (before we sit down) and then let her use the glue stick while I supervise. Meanwhile, I've separated Caroline pictures just a bit, so she's not dealing with the entire piece of paper, and she trims them down following a few pencil lines I've drawn. And then she glues hers all by herself.

And, this wasn't part of school, but our magnet wands turned up in the "trunk" of our toy push car, so we had fun playing with colored paper clips while mommy was cooking. I guess this will come back out during M or P week.

Caroline really took to the fruit of the spirit week. The two Fruit of the Spirit songs that I found for our playlist are a new favorite for both the girls. Charlotte will ask for "self control" when she wants to listen to the song, and Caroline asks for the "crawling song" because we are missing the album cover and a photo of the girls crawling on the floor shows while it plays on my Zune.

Caroline can recite all the fruit and will often note that she's being kind and that's a fruit of the spirit.