Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Work, work, work..."

"... till the sun goes down." That's a song from Thomas the Train. A new favorite show around here.

We've been putting the girls to work more these days. First, we've started teaching Charlotte to put away the silverware. She's already doing such a good job. She's very excited to push up a chair to help. Here's Caroline cheering her on as they helped daddy with dishwasher duty. And then there's a video of Charlotte cheering herself on with "Yay, I did it!!"

I had Caroline help me make two trays to break and bake cookies this week. I laid out my 4x3 tray of dough and told her to copy mine. I could tell she was looking at my tray very carefully to figure out how to do it. Of course, we both ended up being one shy of a dozen cookies per sheet. Hmm, I wonder how that happened : )

Kevin's been encouraging me to get the girls more involved in my housework so we can be spending time together while I still feel like I'm getting things done around the house. So, today I decided to have them help me transfer laundry. I was amazed that Caroline could actually reach the clothes in the washer. And Charlotte loved getting to help, even though she wanted to close the dryer door after each article of clothing was pushed in.


mmnevill said...

My kids always love to help with laundry, but Ryan does the same thing - closing the dryer door every time! Addie ends up tossing wet clothes on his head sometimes! And of course it takes twice as long and some ends up on the (spotlessly clean, of course) floor, but oh well!