Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Charlotte updates

What can I say about my little Charlotte? She's quickly approaching two and she's still my baby. She's doing so much and reminding me that she's a big girl.

She's showing interest in undressing herself. I think she attempted it during a nap one day and this is what I found when I went to rescue her.

She loves standing on the preschool chairs to wash her hands or help in the kitchen. She often asks to wash hands and even knows how to rub the soap around.
She imitates anything Caroline does... what she says, how she shakes her head, how she dances, when she screams, how she says "ow" when I do her hair... but sometimes her big sister imitates her.
She's really picked up on sorting. We borrowed this peg stacker game from my mom's house during Thanksgiving and she's mastered it in less than a week (less than a day if I remember right). She puts all 20 rings correctly back onto the correctly colored peg in no time.

She also has been picking out like items. The funny thing is that I'm not prompting it at all. We have a yogurt tub that is full of small fruits and veggies. She's gotten it out on multiple occasions and when I come to check on her, she's pulled out the four bananas and laid them together on the table. And just this evening, we were playing with pattern blocks and she got the "big girl" set and picked out four brown, skinny diamonds.

She's showing her independent spirit and started putting her shoes on by herself this week. Now I'm trying to walk the line of teaching her to ask for help vs. making her mad that I'm helping.

She's really impressed us in expressing "complete" sentences. For example, our girls both like to have napkins at dinner. So, she'll ask for a napkin and Caroline will get one for her. Then we'll say, "tell Caroline 'thank you.'" And Charlotte will take it one further, "Thank you, Caroline, napkin." She says "napkin" more like "a-kin." And "Caroline" is "Ca-nee."

Over the last week or so, she's also shown that she can go up and down the stairs all by herself. It happened on an accident that we had the stair gates open and she went upstairs, got her bunny and pacifier, and walked back down the grown-up way (since that's the only way she comes down the stairs - no bottom scooting for her). And now, it happens almost once a day. I do use the gates most of the time, but especially when we come downstairs for a meal, I tend to leave them open since I'm putting her straight into her booster seat.