Monday, December 13, 2010

Nativity printables

People always wonder where I come up with all my ideas for things that I do with Caroline. Well, part of them come from the fact that I remember all of the holiday crafts that I did as a kid because my mom displayed them around the house each year... and still displays a select few. Part of them also come from the fact that my mom spent six years of my life working on her teaching degree and I remember her making tons of activities and manipulatives from scratch. And then the other part comes from some really great blogs I read. And from those, sometimes I go on a while goose chase and stumble across things.

Which happened today.

I was trying to find the instructions for the cute handprint cards at Is the red hat a foot or the side of a handprint?

And so I skipped over to And they had some super cute Nativity felt board printables linked. And so that's the treasure I'm passing along to you.

It's hard to find really cute stuff sometimes, even when you know what you are looking for like "nativity coloring pages" or something. But these are super cute.