Monday, November 22, 2010


In case anyone was curious, I was able to get half my money back on the Little People Nativity set that I paid full price for last week, and is now on sale for 50% off. It pays to ask : )

I also scored the BluRay/DVD pack of Beauty and the Beast for $10 (less if I get around to buying 3 cans of Kids Campbell's soup and sending off a $5 rebate). Check out the coupons to use on Both the coupons are available online, so you don't have to have Sunday's add or anything. And since one is a $5 Target coupon, you can use it with the $10 Disney coupon (which is called "stacking" for you non-money saving blog readers), so the $24.99 DVD (which wasn't labeled on sale at my Target, but did ring up that way) was only $9.99.

While, most Targets are out of the nativity sets by now, mine still had plenty of the DVDs left.