Monday, November 22, 2010

Pre-Thanksgiving, this and that

We did a little bit of everything for the week and a half that leading up to Thanksgiving.

One day, we did a project of cutting food we were thankful for out of grocery store ads and glueing them to plates. I had chocolate on mine. Caroline had juice boxes on hers.

Painting with her friend John (11/19/10).

Taking her own pictures of the family (11/20/10).
Mommy was picking meat off of our second of the six frozen turkeys we bought on sale this year.

She also took pictures of the toilet paper tube turkeys we made. She posed them on the table and everything. I guess she's learned that art projects always need to have their picture taken.
Doing playdough and using some new ABC playdough mats that I printed off of We also discovered that we can use the safety scissors on playdough (the kind that are all plastic). Charlotte loves tearing her playdough into tiny pieces. This was one of her first experiences with playdough.

A spontaneous trip to the Houston zoo (11/22/10).