Saturday, October 2, 2010

Zoo trip

We got an early start on Saturday to make it to the Early Bird member hours at the Houston Zoo. We dressed the girls quick and let them eat dry cereal in the car on the way.

The girls enjoyed a ride on the carousel. It hasn't always been Caroline's cup of tea, but towards the end of the ride, she let me switch her to one of the animals that goes up and down and seemed pretty content.

Of course, the petting zoo is always a favorite. Caroline loves to get as many different brushes out of the basket as possible and she was happy to share some with Charlotte.

We checked out an animatronic Dinosaur exhibit. I was worried that the girls would be scared, but they seemed to be pretty interested.

After checking out the zoo, we rode the Herman park train for the first time. It was a nice little ride and we saw the playgrounds that we'd like to go check out another time we go.

Then, we had a picnic in Herman park along the reflecting pond and fed the ducks a bit of leftovers. It was a perfect morning of cool weather, sunshine, and family time together (not having to work on the masterbathroom).