Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 5 - Home Preschool


SONG: This is the day that the Lord has made
CALENDAR: Days of the week song
BIBLE STORY: Paul and Silas (Acts 16:16-40)
MEMORY VERSE: 1 Peter 2:17a “Show proper respect to everyone.”
MOVEMENT ACTIVITY: Playsilks/parachute
Three nice mice 39-manners-activity-theme.html?start=3

Sorting silk flowers (Charlotte)
Addition flashcards with pumpkin manipulatives (did during an off week)
Spider wrapping insects (also from an off week)
Color patterns with Halloween spider/bat rings
Word puzzle flashcards

FAMILY: Bible Story Coloring Pages
SCHOOL: HOP Lesson; Yellow Kindergarten CD 2: 14-16 (Helper words “has,” “what,” and “with”) Copied and had her circle items in the “What Has Dots/Caps?” story.

FAMILY: Leaf rubbings
SCHOOL: Folders
M&M: Halloween Word Match
SELF: Halloween sticker pattern (made from foam stickers)

FAMILY: Halloween stamps
SCHOOL: Folders
M&M: Halloween Counting worksheet
SELF: Match the leaves worksheet

So, it's taken us two weeks to do my lesson plans for week 5. And we never got around to the leaf rubbings I had planned. And circle time was pretty non-existent. But we did lots of extra Halloween stuff. In fact, I ended up making 5 baskets for our Halloween week of activities.
1) Halloween ring patterns/sorting
2) Halloween stamps
3) Tongs/little pumpkins into an egg carton section.
4) Halloween stickers
5) Mr. Skeleton craft and cut/paste

Here is Caroline reading her HOP lesson. After we read it, I had her color the picture based on the questions in the story... "What has dots?" to correspond to the color I helped her highlight the sentence.

Here is Caroline working on patterns with her Halloween rings.

And then we sorted them by shape and then color.

These are coloring sheets and projects the girls did at church and while at Grandma's two weeks ago.
Here are the girls painting their mini-pumpkins from the Pumpkin Patch. They did really well sharing the colors. And Caroline wasn't the least bit bothered that Charlotte had the colors all mixed up... mainly because she still does that quite a bit.
Caroline's pumpkins had sad faces this year. I think it goes back to the fact that she did her first pumpkin face of the year while at Grandma and Grandpa's during our cruise. She's been telling me the pumpkin misses his family. Oh, what a psychologist wouldn't do with that statement.

We also made pumpkin bread. Yum, I've missed pumpkin bread with cream cheese on it. I let the girls lick the beater and spoon. I'm pretty sure this was Charlotte's first time to get to lick something, and possibly, her first time really helping while I baked.

I finally cut out foam pieces to go with a pumpkin "big book" that we inherited from Grandma's classroom. We followed the story and Caroline made sad, mad, happy, silly, scared, and sleepy faces. Charlotte helped too.

Here is Mr. Skeleton. He's made of thick foam and goes together with brads. This is his second year in our house. Caroline's been begging to put him together since the Halloween decorations came out.
I was inspired by a blog and whipped up a batch of orange salt dough to make pumpkin faces this week. I colored some ziti pasta green for the stems and let the girls press in googly eyes and beads for the faces. Charlotte did the two faces on the left and Caroline made the other four. Charlotte was really into the salt dough. She had fun tearing the leftover chucks into small clumps of dough.