Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

We hosted our annual Halloween street party at our house again this year. It's so fun to see all the neighbors come out and potluck in our garage.

One of my neighbors arranged for a bounce house that we put off in our side yard. It was funny because we set it up while all the kids were taking their after church naps, so it set vacant for more than an hour. I was so ready to see kids jumping that I went knocking on doors and actually woke Caroline up a little early from her nap.

Kevin and I dressed up this year. We are Handy Manny and Kelly from Handy Manny. Caroline got such a kick out of it. She insisted on calling us "Manny" and "Kelly" when we were in costume.

We put glow sticks and bracelets on all the kids and went trick or treating. Look at this dog. He's bigger than Charlotte. She of course loves all animals and was so excited to pet him. Wouldn't most kids be frightened?

The cutest thing of the evening was trick or treating at the house that has a big inflatable cat out front. We've driven past it many evenings for the girls, so it was our first destination. After we left, Charlotte kept saying "Bye, bye, kitty cat" for the next ten minutes.

Kevin took Charlotte home about halfway through the evening. It was fun to spend some time watching Caroline go up to the doors. She's so timid. One time, she was at the back of the pack of kids from our street. All the kids got their candy and were turning back down the path. Caroline was just following the flow and almost didn't get her candy until one of the children pointed her back to the door.