Sunday, October 24, 2010

Interesting girls

So, I just went back and decided to read over some of Caroline's 20 month blog posts. It's so interesting how different they've developed.

Caroline was just starting to crawl through the play tunnel at 20 months, but Charlotte's been doing it for 10 months already.

Caroline was praying during her play times, but with signs. Charlotte's been praying on her own for a few months, during playtime and at the dinner table, but she uses real words.

Caroline was putting away the clean silverware. Charlotte's been getting off easy. Won't her sister be pleased when that chore can be divided in two.

Caroline was playing with stickers and putting them all over my shirt. Charlotte just isn't that into stickers. I was even doing Halloween stickers with the girls today and it just seemed to frustrate Charlotte.

Caroline was starting to walk in our shoes. Charlotte's been doing that for several months. They both fell in love with wearing shoes right at their first birthday.

Caroline and Charlotte both love our neighbor Abby. Caroline called her "Aaaa Aaaa," but Charlotte actually says "Abby."

They both love necklaces, although I can tell from my post that I was way more cautious in not letting Caroline be unsupervised with them.

They both had just gotten to spend their first week away at Grandma and Grandpa's.