Friday, October 22, 2010

Four year portraits

We took Caroline's 4 year old portraits today. She's so pretty!! All her pictures were beautiful. It's so nice to have at least one of my children cooperating at the portrait studio.

I can't believe how much longer her hair is compared to last year. I think I've only trimmed it once in the past year. She has such a pretty smile, with her front gap and dimples on both sides.

We also managed to get a good one of the girls together.

And, after lots of work, we got a good smile on an individual shot of Charlotte. I've figured out that she just doesn't want to step on the backdrop. I was playing this hide and seek game with her and she was very excited to come into the portrait room to find me around the corner, but once I was hiding behind Caroline on the backdrop, she just circled the end of the drape and wouldn't step on it to come get me.


mindy said...

Very cute! It's a lot of fun to have 2 of the same gender!