Saturday, October 9, 2010

Caroline's birthday party

We celebrated Caroline's 4th Birthday on Saturday, October 9th with her Granny, Uncle Will, Jenna, Brent, Aunt Melissa, Uncle Paul, Paige, Luke, Aunt Katy, Uncle Paul, Ethan and Seth. Grandma and Grandpa had a memorial to go to so they postponed their fun for when Caroline went to stay with them on Sunday.

Caroline picked a Disney princess theme this year and was very specific about wanting birthday hats when we were at the store. She even pointed out a picture on some Elmo partyware of the other characters wearing the pointy hats.

I decided to make a doll cake with her Cinderella Barbie doll. It took four cans of frosting to get it right, but Caroline was very thrilled with it. She was watching me hold the doll up as I stacked the cake and kept commenting that I was going to make footprints in the icing. Then she watched as I stuck her Barbie all the way into the skirt of the cake and make the entire side crack - ooops.

We all had (Deceptively Delicious) tacos for lunch and then we let the kids run off their car trips in the backyard.

Kevin played football with all the little kids and they had the best time!!

Then, we headed inside and let Caroline open presents.

Handy Manny has been her favorite gift. She likes to tuck all the tools into her baby crib and cover them with the blanket. She's got to be a future engineer in the making - loving tools more than baby dolls.
Another excellent gift was HyperDash. It's a really fun game, and she actually got a Mickey Mouse Tag version of the game too. After cake, several of the cousins had a really fun time playing through the various games and levels.

Her panda Pillow-Pet, she named "Butterfly," is another favorite gift. She sleeps with it as a pillow every night now. She saw it on a commercial one day close to her birthday and really wanted one. It was so close to her birthday I just put her off with a comment about Christmas. But, Caroline's Uncle Will is so clever that he lets Jenna and Brent help him shop and so of course, Jenna knows what a little girl likes and she selected a Pillow-Pet!! I think I was even more excited than Caroline when she opened the bag.

Everyone in their party hats - even baby Luke.

Jenna and Brent were excited to get their party favors. Caroline picked out princess wands for the girls and a prince's sword seemed to be the theme appropriate favor for the boys.

Four sounds so old all of a sudden. It just seems unreal that we've known our pumpkin for that many years. She's such a little girl now, not a baby or toddler, and almost not even a preschooler really. I love her helpful spirit and how easily she shows love. I'm also equally impressed and challenged by her sense of control and order. It's such a blessing to watch her grow and learn and figure out what kind of woman she'll become.