Saturday, August 14, 2010

Children's Museum (times two)

I always find it funny that we tend to repeat outings like going to the Zoo or Children's museum, by going several times in a row. This month, we went to the Children's museum twice in eight days.

First, I took the girls by myself on a Friday. It was really crowded, but we got to hit all our favorite high points, except for Tot Spot (which was closed to ages 3 and up due to the crowds).

Caroline got into stomping on the colored lights on the disco floor.

And the phones are always a favorite with both the girls. I'm sure it's only a preview of things to come during the teenage years.

Then, the following Saturday, we took Grandma to the early bird hours.

It was fun to get to split up with the girls. Charlotte and Mommy played in the grocery store. It's so nice during the early bird hours, just like going early to a regular grocery store - you have the whole store to yourself. Charlotte selected one over every kind of produce. True to life, the strawberries where a favorite. She also got into taking cans off the shelves.

Caroline and Grandma played at the bank. They made a budget and played a game of spending money. Charlotte got curious about Caroline a few times and toddled over to the bank to check on her.

I only remember the bike shop from our most recent visits, so I guess it's new. Caroline really likes it and spent a lot of time there this particular day.

August 6th and 14th