Monday, July 26, 2010

Same time last year.

I am in the midst of reorganizing the girls outgrown clothes. I was scrolling around and looking at some old photos and ran across this photo from last July:

And here is Caroline this July in the same outfit:

It's funny how long clothes can fit a preschooler. I feel like I get so trained as they outgrow clothes every three months for the first year, and six months for the second year. Caroline still has some 2T shorts she is wearing from last summer. Mostly, she's in 3T though. And for some reason, she outgrows dresses and PJs very quickly. She's already in 4T dresses and I just bought her some 5T PJs today.


Tammy said...

Sebastian outgrows pj's the most quickly too.... I think its a length thing. He's still in the one peice pj's - even if we cut the feet out they get too short in the torso.

Mom said...

Isn't it great when kids reach this point? Finally you feel like you're getting your money's worth as far as clothing goes.

Just imagine if kids grew at the same rate as a baby all their lives! You would go into the poor-house keeping them clothed and they'd be HUGE by Kindergarten:)

It does make it a bit harder for Grandma to justify buying lots of new clothes though. But, who cares!!

Mom (aka Grandma)