Friday, April 2, 2010

Zoo, zoo, zoo

It seems like every year, I have a spurt of taking the girls to the zoo. We've been three times now...

March 11th, we went with playgroup. It was a busy day with lots of school groups.
Caroline decided that she didn't want to ride the carousel, but a friend stood with her so I could take Charlotte for her first ride. She loved it of course.

March 29th, we had a mommy and me trip to the zoo. I had just finished the MOPS garage sale and the weather was beautiful, so I figured a zoo trip was in order. It could not have been more perfect. And I don't know if it was because it was a Monday or the week of Easter, but it was so empty. Even when we left at lunchtime, there were hardly any school groups. And the azealas were in bloom and looking so pretty that I posed the girls for a picture by the flowers (I do realize that zoos are supposed to be about the animals).

Caroline brought her little tiger along for the trip and talked about going to see the tigers for the entire trip. I was very glad that the tiger was moving around and easy to see. We also go to see the jaguar and all four lions that we had read about in the zoo's magazine. Caroline ventured into the prarie dog tunnels for the first time... to be followed by Charlotte crawling in after her.

April 2nd, we took Grandma and Grandpa. Yes, that turns out to be twice in one week. But with the weather being so nice, we just couldn't resist. Mickey got to come along on this trip. I enjoyed having extra people to keep track of Caroline and take pictures of mommy.

Caroline fed the fish with Grandpa and road on the chairs on the carousel. Charlotte got to pet the goats and ride the tiger on the carousel with Grandma. A highlight was that Caroline was able to read the word "bat" on the bat cave and go explore inside. We also were able to get pictures in the prarie dog tunnels since we had extra hands to see us pop up.


Carrie S. said...

Haha...Is that your highschool Jansport? I'm glad to see it's still getting good use!! :-)

Christie&Sam said...

hey are you going to zoobillee? we are going on thurs...are you?