Friday, April 2, 2010


We spent the evening of Good Friday, getting ready for Easter.

Caroline and Grandma stuffed eggs with stickers and Starburst jellybeans for our Saturday egg hunt at church.

Then, we dyed easter eggs. Caroline was even more into it this year than last year.

We started out measuring the water and vinegar for the dyes. Then we put an egg in each cup.
While we waited, we tried out some dye markers (that look kind of like q-tips). Once the dye dispersed into the tip, they were easy to use. (I did notice that off all the coloring we did, it was the dye markers that actually bled through the egg membrane onto the egg white the worst.)

Daddy entertained Charlotte, while Mommy and Caroline colored eggs. They eventually decided that the living room would be a more fun place to play.

Caroline wasn't satisfied with one color this year. Most eggs got a bath in at least two colors... if not all five. We ended up with a lot of purple, brown, orange and army green eggs. Oh well, she had fun and I'm just making deviled eggs out of them anyway.


Carrie S. said...

Margaret - your hair is getting so long! I just now noticed it! Love the princess eggs!