Saturday, April 10, 2010

Walking on air

Our Charlotte is such a climber these days.

I've always wondered when people called their children "climbers." My impression was always, well if you discipline them not to, then they won't do it. But, I've learned that some children just have a drive to be up high. And it's so cute, that I don't have the heart to scold her (most of the time).

The couch is her new favorite place. She's finally capable of getting down from things on her tummy, so I'm finally allowing it. I even put a pillow near the couch so she can "get a leg up." She likes to push our blankets off of the couch too, so they won't be in her way.

We've also noticed that her bunny blanket has an official sound "sss sss sss." Anytime it's in sight and she wants it, "sss sss sss."

The nursery rocking chair is another favorite place. She can get into it by herself easily. She often takes toys or books with her now and rows (err, rocks) them all on her own.

Charlotte also gives kisses. I love those baby kisses that are just an slobbery, open mouth.