Thursday, April 8, 2010

She can add

Caroline learned to add and subtract this week. Yes, I can't believe it either!!

We were working on a preschool "math" workbook (a sesame street one from Dollar Tree). It has shapes and talks about stuff like first and last, or small/smaller/smallest, or writing numbers. I skipped over the part about skip counting by twos.

Well, we got to a part that had addition. Caroline really wanted to keep going, so I took a deep breath and presented the concept. Explaining it on the workbook wasn't going well, but then I grabbed some crayons and laid them out for 1 + 1. Then I shifted the crayons closer together and asked how many we had... 2. We continued with other small addition facts in the workbook counting crayons or some chain links we have. I even put a + on an index card and we put the items on each side of the plus to match her workbook. Caroline seemed to even grasp what "plus" meant and was able to say things like "one plus one equals two."

I'm excited to be progressing with math since I focused for so long on the ABCs and felt I was neglecting keeping her subjects rounded. Yay for Caroline.


Carrie S. said...

She's a smarty-pants like her mamma!! :-)