Saturday, March 27, 2010

Support Team

So, for anyone that thought I was Superwoman for spending three days running the MOPS garage sale, I must say... I didn't do it alone.

My wonderful mother-in-law, Debra, came and helped me with the girls. I know the girls had a blast playing with Granny for three days!! Caroline was very sad when Granny headed home.

And of course, there is my amazing husband. Kevin kept up with the laundry and household stuff so it wouldn't be waiting for me the next week. And he made dinner. Like cooked from a recipe folks!! I honestly don't think he's done that in the nine years I've known him. He made turkey enchiladas (granted, the turkey was some leftovers that I had around) with spanish rice on the side. And he got wine... since I weaned Charlotte today. Isn't he the best husband around!! I know in the back of my mind that other girls are as lucky as me, but it really is hard to imagine that anyone has it better than me!!