Friday, March 26, 2010

Garage Sale

I'm in charge of our MOPS fundraiser garage sale. I spent most of yesterday and will be spending all of today up at the church gym receiving donations and organizing it with my friends. I can't believe we still have all of today to get donations too. We are going to have a ton of stuff.

We got tons of donations and kept up with sorting. I pray that we can keep the items sorted on Friday so we'll be able to focus on pricing all of the items with everyone that is volunteering on Friday night.

Clothes, Shoes, Purses & Luggage,
Toys, Baby Items, Strollers,
Crib & Changing Table, Train/Play table, Ping Pong Table,
Bikes/racks, Holiday & Home Decor,
Computer Monitors, Printers, Phones,
Lamps, Bedding & Linens, Rugs
Electronic Rascal Scooter & Wheelchair

Ashely White Bedroom Set - New in Box (headboard, footboard, dresser, mirror, chest, nightstand, and table lamp) $3000 new, asking $1500

Much more to come... these are only the donations we received on Thursday - we'll get a lot more stuff on Friday and it will be ready for a great deal on Saturday!!