Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stump be gone

I almost forgot to blog that three weeks ago, we finally removed the stump from our tree we lost during Hurricane Ike.

Kevin and our friend, Daniel had removed the bulk of the tree in September 2009, but since there was so much dirt on the stump, it's just been sitting there for over a year.

Daniel, Ryan, and Shane came over a few weeks back with their familes and we had a "Stump Party." The guys removed the stump - which came out easier than expected since it had been rotting for so long. We'd long since washed most of the dirt away and trimmed excess roots. The longest process was cutting the stump into managable pieces to haul away. Hopefully, the last of it will get picked up on trash day tomorrow.

Yay!! Thanks Medlin, Perez, and McLaughlin families!!!

I'm also quite pleased that we didn't end up with a big pit in the yard. The dirt somehow filled the void and we have a nice flat area for grass to grow. Our joke last year was to plant a new tree and name it Dwight.