Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh Mickey!

Charlotte has also adopted a favorite character... Mickey. I wonder if she can tell that Caroline has such an affinity for Mickey. I really think that's it. Mickey has been Caroline's favorite for over a year. He sleeps with Caroline each night. He has his own "cold blanket" and now also has a fleece ABC blanket that I let Caroline cut out from scraps. He has feelings, gets disciplined (with his own toy kitchen spoon stored in our bathroom drawer), even recently, I was told that I was sitting in front of Mickey and he couldn't see the TV.

So anytime Mickey is unattended and Charlotte is nearby, she goes for him. Lots of times, I have Caroline got get Minnie so they can make a trade.

We also have some smallish figurines of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters. Mickey seems to be Charlotte's favorite of those too. I even picked up a second one at the dollar store. Although, getting a second toy is probablly a rookie mom mistake because Caroline wants to play with both, calling the new Mickey, "Mickey daddy."