Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The nook

We remodeled "the nook" on December 5th. I've gone through so many names for this room - utility room, study, office - but it's the awkward breakfast room off of the kitchen that hardly would function that way since there are so many doorways. We've made it our office and schooling room.

I always forget to take good before pictures, but this one is close. We'd already replaced the light and took some shelves and stuff off the walls.

Here's the after. We put up some cabinets that I found on markdown at Lowe's (thanks Ryan) and one bank of drawers with a countertop. One day, we'll have a workspace on each side, but right now we have a preschool table slid underneath the right side. I still need to get pulls for the cabinets and drawers. Kevin caulked the countertop while I was in Tyler for the holidays.

Here's Caroline playing on on Dec. 8th.

And painting on Jan. 4th.

Playing with fuzzies on Jan. 6th.

And doing tissue paper art on Jan. 13th. She's really enjoying this tissue art that Granny got her for Christmas. We've worked on two of the six projects. You peel off parts of the picture to reveal the sticky part of the paper. You fill in that section with PRE-CUT tissue paper and then move on to another section. It's brillliant!!

Of course, mommy gets to help.