Thursday, December 24, 2009

Memory Lane

We were visiting Kevin's family during Christmas, so Kevin and I took a trip down memory lane and visited the old places we'd lived in Bryan.

This was the duplex that we lived in when we got married. We lived on the left side. Nothing much has changed about it, but there is lots of new shopping nearby.

This was our first house. It's the house that we brought Caroline home to after she was born. We lived there a month shy of three years. We moved out days before Christmas 2006. Then we moved into our house in Houston days after Christmas. We've been in Houston for three years now. It's gone by so fast.

This was the listing photo from our Bryan house.

This photo taken after we remodeled the front window, replaced the "haunted house" bushes with boxwoods, gave the garage bushes a trim and put new blinds in the garage windows.

And here's what it looks like now. The right gate was new and they had replaced the front door with one that has a bigger window. It's painted a peachy orange color - yuck! They have gutters now too.