Sunday, November 29, 2009

Trimming the tree

After getting in late Saturday night from Tyler, we spent Sunday decorating the house. We put up the outside lights while the weather was nice because a cold front came through that evening. We had no luck with lights this year. We blew a fuse on the outside lights and had no more spares. It took three stores to track down the right size fuse for our big, green lights. Then, our remote controlled light plug didn't work, so we upgraded to a timer. And once inside, we had a strand of tree lights that was half out and Kevin fiddled with for half an hour before we decided to get a new one.

Oh well, we had fun decorating anyway. Caroline put the star on the tree. I guess we'll have to give Charlotte a turn next year. She then helped me put ornaments on the tree. She did so well. She even hung some fragile ones. They were all grouped together on the lower branches, so I had to spread them out. We only had one ornament casualty.

Caroline had so much fun putting ornaments on the tree, that I decided to let her put my old miniature tree in her room. One of my favorite books is A Doll's Christmas by Tasha Tudor. In it, they girls make a tree for their dollhouse. That's what it reminds me of. Caroline made me put a few ornaments on, but most of it was her doing. Since it's her tree, I left one branch as she decorated it - with EIGHT ornaments on it.