Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yay for Exercise

Here's a post I just did on our MOPS blog...

I was very inspired by Stacie's talk on Friday about Women's Health.

Since having our second child in February and reprioritizing my mothering goals, I was pretty sure that I'd never make it to the gym again. I'll be totally honest. I am not a gym go-er. But when my first child turned one, I realized that it wasn't "baby weight" anymore and I joined my first gym ever. But it's been well over a year since I've set foot in there.

There's no way I'm waking up early to workout. Esp. since I'm nursing a baby. So, I was so excited that a lot of what Stacie talked about was ways to get my heartrate up while incorporating my children.

We borrowed my MILs Wii Fit a while back. And I've had so much fun using it this week with my almost three year old. I'm so surprised at how she picked up on it.

Here we are doing yoga yesterday. My husband came home and thought we were so cute that he snapped a picture. Unfortunatley, it was a butt shot of me, so I cropped myself out. But I am there : )

Can you believe she can do this?