Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Our street always has a pot luck during Halloween. Since the "haunted house" was next door (and because we can still be in baby monitor range), we had all the food in our driveway. I didn't get any pictures of the party, but we hung out with our neighbors until 10 o'clock. Brrrr, it got cold after dark.

I didn't dress Charlotte up, except for a Halloween t-shirt, since she was about to eat dinner and I didn't want baby food all over the pretty dress. She headed off to bed pretty soon thereafter.

We let Caroline trick-or-treat at a few houses on the street. She had more fun playing with her friends, Henry, Charlotte, and Kimberly, at our house.

Our neighbors made goody bags for the girls... right down to age appropriate biter biscuits in Charlotte's bag. How sweet!!

Caroline also got "boo'd" earlier in the week. Someone (Abby) secretly left a tray of goodies on our doorstep on Monday night. Caroline's favorite treat was a pumpkin shaped cup with a straw.

Now that Halloween is over, Caroline continues to ask where the haunted house went.


Kelly Mc said...

Caroline looks so cute in her costume!