Friday, October 16, 2009

Birthday Bash

Here are some pictures from Caroline's third birthday. We kept it small this year with just family, our small group, and Caroline's neighborhood friends. The theme was Mickey Mouse. I got all of Caroline's Disney toys out and decorated the house. All her "guys" were across the mantle.

I made cupcakes for the kids to look like Mickey Mouse. With a regular cupcake for the face and mini-muffin cupcakes for the ears.

Notice the baby crib in the background. My dad made it. It turned out so cute. And my mom made custom bedding for it.

Caroline unwrapped every toy this year... a first. Well, a few young party guests helped too.

One toy that was a big hit was a package with four pairs of princess shoes. Caroline shared them with her friends.

The boys were more entertained by the sand table than the princess shoes.

Yay for my friend, Karlin, helping me cook and clean-up. We had hot dogs for lunch... a Mickey Mouse and Caroline favorite.


Kelly Mc said...

Happy Birthday Caroline! Looks like your party was so fun! And those cupcakes look so yummy! big hugs!!

Carrie S. said...

Love the boys at the sandbox. Just replace that with a BBQ pit and add 30 years. ;-)