Friday, October 16, 2009

Around we go

Charlotte has gotten really good at moving the Around-we-go, even on the carpet.
Caroline likes to get her step stool and sit in front of the magnedoodle part.
Aren't they cute playing together!!!

I have a "chore chart" that I made for Caroline in honor of her 3rd birthday. Just putting stickers on the chart are reward enough for her. It actually encourages her to keep me accountable in some of the things that she can help with, but sometimes I'd rather do them myself to get it done faster. Right now her items are putting away the silverware, putting away her laundry, having a good roomtime, having a good naptime, going potty all by herself, and helping Charlotte. The last one is my favorite one. She's so sweet Charlotte that I wanted to make a way to show her how much I appreciate her kindness.


Carrie S. said...

We just put together our around we go. Z likes the music buttons and will sometimes bounce to them.