Friday, September 18, 2009


Today was for first regular MOPS meeting. It was awesome!

The best part was that Charlotte did great in the nursery. She's had a few rough Sundays lately, ending with me just taking her back to church with me after getting called multiple times in a very short time frame. But today, she did great, was smiling when I picked her up, and played happily in her car seat all the way home. In fact, she went almost two hours past a scheduled nursing (but I had given her some cereal for breakfast).

Caroline had fun too. She was sharing a book with Addison when I picked her up, which was so cute to witness. She came home with a book she made about creation and a coloring page with chicks on it. Unbeknownst to be, we also brought home an imaginary chick, and possibly a penguin. This is our first imaginary being. While I was getting lunch ready, Caroline was fussing about her "chick" (which took me several questions to interpret). I showed her that I had her picture, but she insisted. So, I finally took her to the van in the garage. She proceeded to get in and get her chick out of the front passenger seat. She also informed me that her chick was going to get out by itself.


Sarah said...

Ahhh yes, imaginary beings. We have "Ally" and "Kierissa" and sometimes a couple others. They are just girls, not chicks or penguins. Haha. Fun times :)

Kelly Mc said...

very cute. :)