Sunday, September 27, 2009

August/September Art

Here's some pictures from "art" last week. We are using some foam stamps that I got at the VBS end of summer clearance at Hobby Lobby.

Notice that Caroline put some extra clips in her hair this particular day.

Here's our art wall. I had Caroline work on circles in August. My mom told me that circles and lines are a good pre-writing exercise. So, I drew pictures of stars and had her circle them... sometimes in certain colors so we could practice following directions. I also drew lots of pictures that were missing wheels. If I put a dot in the place that it needed a wheel, she did well at drawing it for me.

We also practiced cutting. The fish were all on a long strip of paper to make it easy for her to separate them. I covered our fish with the net off of a ham package.

ABCs were another strip of long paper that she was able to cut. We did a similar project where she matched the letters to "I Love Daddy" and it's at Kevin's office. His cleaning lady commented on it : )

Rainbows were a request last week. Notice the one that she did with more guidance on my part, and then the other that she did while I was cleaning up art stuff in the kitchen. I drew the arches in the correct color of marker.


Michelle said...

You definitely should have been a preschool teacher at some point. You are so good. Your monthly lesson recaps are some of my favorite blog entries to read about. Thanks!