Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gushing over Charlotte

I think that I appreciate all the baby stages so much better with my second child.

It's probably because -
1) Charlotte is such an easy baby
2) I'm more relaxed
3) I know what I'm doing (kind of)
4) I can appreciate the fact that she isn't doing all the foolish things a two year old does (although, I know it's inevitable)

Seriously, I could dote on Charlotte all day long.

Here she is playing sweetly, all by herself in the playzone while Caroline and I were working with the scissors. As long as she can kick the buttons, she will spend 20 minutes in there. I could never get Caroline to do that as a baby.

Today, when I went to the nursery to feed and then pick Charlotte up, everyone raved about how much she smiled and babbled at them. She was so good to all the workers and I am so glad that she is a joy to others.