Monday, January 19, 2009

Second Pregnancy Pros

So, we are having an onslaught of second baby announcements at our class in church, so I thought I'd share my TOP 5 second pregnancy positives.

1) I can feel more distinct parts of the baby. I think this is because my muscles are looser. I can tell where the head is a lot (which probably has to do with the baby being sideways). And just this weekend, I was pretty sure I could feel a hand. Kevin can too. We could never tell that stuff with Caroline.

2) Talking the baby up with Caroline to prepare her makes us a lot more excited. I think telling her about the baby - we are talking about the baby in a different way than when we talked to each other about Caroline coming.

3) It's easier to limit what you do earlier on (in non-toddler related aspects) this time around. For example, I don't let myself do any house-work during Caroline's naptime. In fact, most days I take a nap on the couch while she's napping. I'm also better about waiting for Kevin to get things off the floor for me, etc. He doesn't know it, but I think I'm going to have him wash the bathtub this week.

4) I don't have to wear work clothes or shoes. Too bad it's a little too cold for 24/7 flip flops.

5) Baby clothes/diapers look so much smaller. I pulled out a newborn diaper last night and showed it to Kevin. We were both amazed.


Andrea said...

We got a newborn diaper in the mail the other day (it came in a Pampers pregnancy advertising kit but I'm not pregnant, lol). It's hard to imagine that Lydia ever fit into something so tiny.

Jon & Sally said...

We've come down with colds. So no zoo for us tomorrow! Hope you guys find something fun to do!!
Thanks Margaret!!