Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Picture Post

Here's a photo gallery of our past week...

I'm behind in posting "Happy Birthday" to Kevin. I really can't say enough good things about this man that the Lord has chosen to be my partner!! I appreciate him more and more each day. Caroline and I are blessed by his patience as a father and husband. And I can't think of anyone that could make us laugh more. We love him so much!

We had Pappasito's tamales and cherry cobbler. Future note: Don't put birthday candles into a hot cobbler... they melt.

Caroline painted Kevin a sign. She employs more of a scoop method with the paintbrush than a dip method. Her projects take a long time to dry.

Caroline found Kevin's hat this weekend and promptly put it on backwards. She also offered it to Holly to wear.

No, I haven't given up on potty training ; ) Caroline decided that Buddy's bowl was a good place to sit. One day, she had moved both of the dog bowls across the room and I had put them back in their proper places backwards (Buddy has a blue bowl that goes on the left and Holly has a red bowl that goes on the right). Caroline quickly corrected the bowls and said something to correct me.

I'm sure I've posted a dozen pictures of Caroline licking a spoon, but she always looks so cute that I continue to take more pictures.

See Cristina... it worked out that we didn't get around to collapsing that box. Caroline requested that she eat her lunch in the box yesterday and she had snack there today.

Notice the Elmo juice box. This is one of Caroline's new favorite things. I'm not that thirlled about giving her a juice box when a cup of juice will suffice, but I treated her to a pack last week. I have to limit her to two a day. I could wrap up two packs for Christmas and I'm sure she'd be very happy.

Finally, a picture that she posed for, so I'm throwing it in for fun.

Stay tuned for a video.