Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mommy Mouse

Caroline has memorized several of her books...

Dora Goes to the Beach
Baby Dear
Mommy Mouse
Who Fed the Chickens

You can stop and she'll fill in the words.

This week, she actually read most of the Dora book to herself... correctly matching the key phrases of the pictures as she turned the pages.

I videoed her reading the "Mommy Mouse" book with me at the lunch table. She is saying "I'm looking for my mommy," then naming the animals that "no" are not the mommy "bear, fish, snake, turtle" and then "of course" finding mommy. One day, I was tired of reading the "Mommy Mouse" book, so I told her to read it to herself. And I was amazed that she did it pretty much the same way.

She normally doesn't play with her cup like that. I think she was showing off for the camera... it is quite funny.


cristina said...

okay, now that you have the mommy ears, you'll have to go find that video of alex singing and see if you can make it out....

and LOL on the box. :) thanks for the picture update!

Sarah said...

That was one of my favorite things, letting Maddy finish sentences in her books. Aren't you just so proud?! We have to get together after Christmas. I feel so out of touch with everyone!

Carrie said...

Look how much hair she has, now! That's a "real" ponytail! :-)