Friday, December 5, 2008


Yay, we have heat. They put it in this morning while Caroline and I were at MOPS. It's so nice to have a house that is warm in every corner.

I just want to praise God for how the whole heater thing worked out.

First, I praise Him that we weren't home when it went out and that we didn't have any CO2 or gas leak issues. I'm always worried about that when a heater breaks.

Second, I praise Him for our friends that lent us a second space heater.

Third, I praise Him for sending us a third heating company through relative of a friend. I don't know if we got a good deal through association, or if he is just a really fair businessman, but it saved us a significant amount of money on the same exact unit as our first quote.

When it comes to costly repairs, Kevin and I usually take the approach of... just take our money and get it over with. I prayed all week about making a wise decision and getting a good deal... even with Caroline at the kitchen table. And God really is a God of the details. I give Him all the credit for how it worked out!!


Becky Perez said...

thanks for sharing how God is working in you life!