Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas morning

Merry Christmas!!

We got Caroline a rocking chair for her "under the tree" present. And this is the best picture of December....

She's so cute! Here she is opening her stocking stuff. She also got to open a bib that was in the baby's stocking that said "I love my big sister."

This is the kitchen that my dad made for Caroline. It is just like the kitchen he made for me and my niece, Jenna. It was a little hard to pull Caroline away from "cooking" to open more presents. We should have gone with plan B and given it to her last.

We all got my dad an ice chest. It's supposed to keep ice for 5 days, so we put two large zip loc bags of ice and a beer inside when we wrapped it on Monday. He claimed the beer was ice cold : )

It was a leisurely morning and Caroline was the only kid. So, we indulged her and let her play with most of her presents as we opened them. It was tons of fun.

Then we had lunch, Caroline took and nap, and we all parted ways in the late afternoon. My folks headed home and we were off to see Kevin's family.