Sunday, November 30, 2008


Caroline is thankful for cousins!! We spent Thanksgiving with my parents, brother, and his kids, Jenna and Brent. It was so fun to see the cousins playing together.

Caroline loves to be in her bed at home, and at Grandma's, it was no different... even though her bed was on the floor. Caroline and Jenna would go in and look at books together in Caroline's "bed."

After taking tons of pictures in their cute clothes, we played outside. The kids were collecting sticks to roast marshmallows later (which got cancelled due to bad weather).

Black olives are a holiday staple on my side of the family... Kevin thinks they are gross. Caroline likes them though. We taught her to put them on her fingers and she caught on very quickly.

Jenna is wearing a turkey hat the each of the kids made. Brent wore his turkey hat the most.

After naps and changing into real playclothes, we went to the park. Caroline had her first see-saw ride and she loved it.

This next picture is blurry and a little embarassing, but oh well.

Friday night, the kids were very active, so we calmed down before bathtime by watching some Christmas cartoons. Caroline was very pleased that they had her favorite people in them... Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.


Sandra said...

God Bless your nice family

Sterling Welch said...

Wow! She is getting so big and photogenic!

Marianne said...

Thanks for posting so often. I love getting updates on the family front.

Carrie said...

Oh my! Jenna and Brent are getting so big! Caroline is going to have so much fun with them growing up.

Katy said...

Super cute see-saw pic!