Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Phone interview

Kevin got his first phone interview yesterday. He, of course, sounded AWESOME! He's so smart and professional. He should get a call back today to schedule a real interview with the hiring manager later this week.

The call came at a really neat time because I was finishing up some devotional material for the MOPS steering meeting last night. I had just pasted something into Word from the internet to print when his cell phone rang. The devotion was about God's provision. Something we are really relying on at this time (and just in case any of you are worried about us, we are set for about the next five months or more - worst case scencario... but I still acknowledge that it is the Lord that has been taking care of all of that).


Carrie said...

Awesome! I am sure Kevin is eager to get back into the game!

Marianne said...

Praise the Lord. I can't wait to hear how the Lord works in this situation.

Emma Days said...

Hey there! I made my blog "private" but if you email me I can invite you to read it! :)