Monday, November 17, 2008

Caroline news...

Just thought I would post some random Caroline facts, so I have them documented when I get around to scrapbooking (which I'm 7 months behind on).

- Her favorite color is black. She picks out the black crayon or uses the black watercolor about 80% of the time. So, when we colored her handprint turkey, I cheated and only picked out the fall color crayons. She tries to trace her hand when we color and paint now. I'm also letting her use markers now.

- She learned to say "thank you" in October. It was the last sign that she was holding onto and would not verbalize.

- She learned that "God provides [what we] eat" from our cornucopia lesson two weeks ago. Last week we learned turkeys, which she calls chickens sometimes. This week is pilgrims. She's really into their Mayflower "boat."

- She's still working on potty training, but finally knows the difference between peeing and pooping. Before, everything was poo-poo. I'm also working on using panties underneath her pull-ups, since she doesn't like wearing plastic covers. Not peeing on Elmo/Minnie/Daisy/Dora seems to be a good motivator.

- I've been playing music on my laptop the last few days. Caroline likes to put her step-stool up by the computer desk and watch the equilizer display of Windows media. Kevin showed her that we can change the colors so she'll ask for "blue" or "m-orange."

- Caroline is helping put our silverware on the dinner table now. I think she's outgrowing baby silverware because she chose a dessert fork tonight over her baby fork. That past few nights, she's begged Kevin for his fork halfway through the meal.

- Caroline get's stickers from the check-out at Kroger. There are two on a sheet and she always gives the first sticker to me. Today the checker gave us three sheets and Caroline passed all six stickers up to me as we drove home from the store. She's very giving... when she wants to be.

- We let Caroline listen on our Bebe Heartsounds monitor today. I wish I'd taken a picture or video of the awe on her face.

- Caroline's working on her second set of molars. She told me her "teeth hurt" while we were at the grocery store today. I wonder if she knows what that means, or if she just wanted teething tabs.

- Her favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. At the intro, she says the "magic words" with Mickey, misca, mousca, mickey mouse and throws her arms up in the air like the cartoon.

- Caroline has memorized the stories from several of her favorite books. If you stop a word short in a sentence, she'll finish it for you. Even big words like "hospital," "excited," "gingerbread man," and "adventure." In her Dora beach book, she'll turn to every page and say "beach today" which is the end of the first sentence of the book. She also likes to open her books to the first page for me.


Sarah said...

That is so funny. Every single one of these things is exactly like Madelyn (except for the baby's heartbeat thing). They are so similar.

Michelle said...

I love hearing about all the things Caroline can do. She is so smart!