Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The big girl bed transition.

I'm feeling very deflated as a mother the past couple days when it comes to the big girl bed. We started last week. We had two rough days and then four good days. Then while Kevin was gone for the men's retreat, she regressed to fussing and getting out of bed multiple times - which I attributed to Kevin being gone. But now that he's home, it is no better. And we moved the bed into her pink, big girl room last night and put her to bed without her pacifier.

Am I the meanest mother in the world for making her sleep in a big bed without a pacifier? Am I pushing her to suit my needs - figuring she'll need some time and distance from her nursery stuff so she doesn't get upset with the baby for taking it all?

And I feel guilty that I leave for MOPS convention tomorrow and Kevin will have to put her to bed without me to sit on the couch with making plans for the next time she comes to her door. He's super-dad though. He'll plans on working this whole thing out while I'm gone. Isn't he the greatest!!


Sarah said...

It took awhile for Madelyn to stop getting out of bed! And, she was the exact same age as Caroline is right now. It was a really tought time for us. Try not to be discouraged, though! She now obeys and stays in bed and the struggle seems like so long ago. You'll get through it. Oh, no real advice, though. I can't remember which of the several tactics that we tried actually worked. Praying for ya!

Becky Perez said...

Wow, just as I was reading this post, I was listening to Reece scream "Mommy, Mommy!!" because today was the first night we put her in her big girl room in her big girl bed without her pacifier! She stayed lying down in her bed, but she was crying and screaming and it broke my heart so first I went in there to give her the paci. She almost fell asleep like that, but then she started with the screaming again and saying "I want to get in my nigh-night bed!!" over and over again, so Daniel put her back in her old room in her crib with her paci!
Oh, no, what are we doing?!!?